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Experienced and Friendly


Robocom offers everything needed to enjoy a fully immersive and entertaining gaming experience. From equipment and hardware, to software antd customization, our gaming services are international standard and of top quality.


``Star Blade`` - this hurricane shooting, exciting spans through a cluster of asteroids, fascinating beautiful views of the cosmos and a deep immersion effect due to the unique technology of virtual reality. The game is easy to learn and intuitive, and the opportunity to team up with friends in a link of up to 4 people for a more exciting experience.


``Total Race`` – it is a single attraction with ergonomics of a real racing car.<br /> During a session, the player feels crashes, hummocks, side carrying out, centrifugal force on turning movements and inertia force when braking. The effect of speedup after pressing of the «nitrous oxide» button «breaks» a simulator cabin from a place as a rocket. Don’t forget to fasten four-dot belts – you in game!


Unique simulator of freestyle snowboarding, that allows you to make EVERY snowboard trick possible. It includes motion control electronics and our tactile transducer (vibration) system for re-creating rumble outside the frequency range of the actuators, e.g. rumble / rush as the board travels over the surface, wind rush, etc.


Unique simulator that gives you the feeling of parachuting or sky diving, while strapped onto the device, safely on the ground. All rush, no risk.


“Abyss” absorbs you into a unique spectacle, with a spirit chilling atmosphere. The rapid dynamics of the platform will take you to the center of the events of the film and place directly above the panorama of three-dimensional image. The feeling of weightlessness, free fall, powerful sound and special effects are guaranteed to increase your delight!


Unique 4 player oriented Virtual Reality elevator room, that moves on a patented Hydro Dynamical engines that gives %100 feeling of presence. When gamers dive into the interactive world, they will feel every move and hit. Total Cube works on VR/AR headsets, or 3D glasses.


New generation of 3D theaters, the one and only theaters without screen, working on VR glasses and using unique Hydro Dynamical platforms. We also produce movies for our theaters. Number of seats: 7 / 5 / 4.